Tips to Help You Choose Good Painters and Decorators in London

Whether painting the exterior or the interior of your building, hiring qualified painters is the only way that you can avoid losing your money and future frustrations. We all know how beneficial painting is to our spaces, which is the reason we want to have the best results out of this job. While many people out there hold the title ‘professional painters,’ you should know that not all of them are really what their name states. Therefore, this makes it necessary for you to come up with an idea of how to distinguish the real professionals from that lot. So, how can you choose the best painters and decorators in London? Below are some tips to guide you through.


  1. Consider recommendations and reviews

Once you have made the decision to hire a professional for your painting job, the first step begins with spotting the painters and decorators within your reach. Not all painters can do a good job without the necessary skills and knowledge. Hence you need to ensure that you get those who can do an exceptional job and not only those who tell you that they paint just because they know how to handle a brush and paint. The best method for you to use so as to get good painters and decorators in London is through looking for various reviews online and also asking for recommendations from friends or relatives. This is a very powerful method by which you can judge the results of the painter you opt to hire even before they attend to your painting. Get friends who have benefited from painting services before, and request them to suggest some painting contractors. Ask them to tell you about both the positives and negatives of dealing with the painting contractors, as whatever they passed through is likely what you too will go through. If it happens that no friends that you can trust can recommend you a good painter, now get online and search for contractors with outstanding and positive reviews and get at least three to choose from.

  1. Meet the painters

Once you have determined at least three potential good contractors, it is now your duty to meet them in person and have them clear up some of the issues that you have. After all, you cannot select a painter just because you read some online reviews while you cannot prove how true they are. Therefore, meet the painting contractors and get to know more about their personalities, as this can help you identify the outstanding one among the available. On scheduling a meeting with your painters, you need to have in place some questions for them to answer. Some of the issues you need to have clarified include the training of the contractors to attend to your job, who will attend to your job- employees or subcontractors, kind of material to be used, warranty coverage of the job, licenses, insurance, and others concerns that you may have. Make sure that you only go for a contractor who fully satisfies you by how they answer the questions. Besides, avoid painters who do not offer a liability insurance and a workmanship compensation.

  1. Price

While we always say that you only get what you pay for, you need to get a painter who gives you the best value for your money. Ask the painting contractor whether you will need to buy the paint separately or if they will come with it and include it in your price. Make sure that the contractor charges you appropriately and do not accept to pay a high amount for the paint while you can get the same paint in another store at a cheaper cost. Also, do not agree to work with a painter who offers an estimate for the job over the phone without visiting the site of your job. Good decorators London, conduct a site visit, as this is the only way they can determine the amount of work, thereby deciding the overall cost.

The above are the major tips to help you in your search and choice for good painters. When you meet a good painting contractor, recommend him/her to friends and relatives as these persons depend upon recommendations. By this step, you can assist other clients to meet reputable contractors for their painting and decorations.

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